About the school

      The School of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Anhui University of Technology was established in 2003. There are six undergraduate majors, including civil engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering, building environment and energy application engineering, safety engineering, engineering management and architecture. Among them, civil engineering, building environment and energy application engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering, each major is a national first-class major. Civil engineering, building environment and energy application engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering, safety engineering, engineering management are provincial first-class majors, and have passed the engineering professional certification of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. At the same time, the school has 2 provincial characteristic majors, 2 provincial brand majors, 3 provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms, 5 municipal scientific research platforms, and 1 national examination training qualification and 1 provincial vocational and technical training qualification.

       The school has a first-level master's degree in civil engineering and a master's degree in civil water conservancy, and independently adds a second-level master's degree in civil engineering construction and management and metallurgical environmental safety engineering. At present, civil engineering is a doctoral project construction discipline in the university, and school has the qualification to recruit undergraduate and postgraduate oversea students.

       The school has structural and seismic laboratory, road engineering laboratory, bridge engineering laboratory, building environment and energy application engineering laboratory, water supply and drainage science and engineering laboratory, safety science and engineering laboratory, engineering management comprehensive laboratory and architecture laboratory. Laboratory area is more than 8,000 square meters, total value of equipment is nearly 40 million yuan. School scientific research such as the Engineering Research Centre of the Ministry of Education of Biofilm Water Purification and Utilization Technology, the Green Construction Engineering Research Centre of Anhui Province, the Rural Construction Collaborative Technology Service Centre of Rural Construction in Anhui Province, the Engineering Technology Research Centre for High-performance Buildings in Anhui Province, and the Green Building Evaluation and Labelling Technology in Anhui Province.

      The school currently has 137 faculty and staff, 11 professors, 38 associate professors, more than 80 doctoral teachers, 2 doctoral supervisors, and more than 50 master's tutors. There are special professors from Anhui Province, winners of Anhui Outstanding Youth Fund, leading technical talents of Anhui Province, special branch plan of Anhui Province, etc. There are 10 teachers with the above talent titles, 5 winners of the Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award, 2 famous teachers at the provincial level, and 2 teaching teams at the provincial level. At present, there are more than 2,468 undergraduates, 251 postgraduates, and 76 international students. In 2007, it was awarded the Advanced Collective of the National Education System by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Education. In 2011, it was awarded the Advanced Grassroots Party Organization by the Education Working Committee of Anhui Province. In 2021, it was approved as the Advanced Grassroots Party Organization of "Two Excellent and One First" in Anhui Province. In the past five years, the school has approved more than 30 national projects, 65 provincial and ministerial projects, more than 300 horizontal scientific research projects, and completed more than 45 million yuan of scientific research funds; published more than 700 academic papers; authorized 90 invention patents and 30 achievements transformation; edited and participated in national, provincial and ministerial norms and textbooks are more than 10; won 15 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards and 5 provincial teaching achievement awards.

      The school implements the "six-character" policy and the "four-self" model in talent training, attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship and practical ability training, and establishes stable practical teaching bases with more than 30 state-owned enterprises such as China Railway, China State Construction, China Metallurgical and Baowu, and set up the "Jingya Scholarship", "Weida Innovation Education Fund" and "Pacific Construction Innovation". New Venture Fund. In recent years, students have won the first prize in the National College Student Challenge Cup competition for three years. It has been approved for more than 100 undergraduate scientific research and training projects. Graduates have won the honorary title of "2009 Top Ten Chinese College Students of the Year", the Outstanding Graduate Award of the Chinese Society of Civil Engineering, and the title of "Xiaoping Science and Technology Innovation Team" of college students. The employment rate of undergraduates in the school has ranked first in the school for three consecutive years. More than 70% of students work in central enterprises such as China Railway, China State Construction and China Metallurgical. Most of the students are employed in economically developed areas such as the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The quality of students' training has been widely praised by the society, and the admission rate of undergraduate postgraduate entrance examination is nearly 30%.

      For the past 20 years, the school has adhered to the school's motto of "Strive for virtue and knowledge, Statecraft ideology", taking "creating an excellent environment for educating people, and building first-class civil construction talents" as the school philosophy of running the school, with the goal of building a humanities and engineering school in the new era, strengthening the humanistic concept, carrying forward the humanistic spirit, forging humanistic quality, condensing the work idea of "Party committee leading, branch first trial, party member first", forming a strong joint force for the development of teachers and students of the whole school, and making unremitting efforts for the integration of the new era of humanistic construction and engineering school and the construction of high-level university.

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